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You can have an affordable, sophisticated and intelligent Smart Home Control system linking AV, lighting, security and more, all controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

Automated or Smart Home Control has become an essential feature in any mid-price to high-end luxury home, what’s more, it’s available at an affordable level. You can have an incredibly sophisticated but easy-to-use system controlling lighting, security and home entertainment, all managed via an app from your smartphone or tablet. By its very nature, our integrated control approach ensures that systems are eco-friendly and as green as they might possibly be.



A Smart Home Control solution automates the mundane and complicated tasks so you don’t have to. It can simplify using your home entertainment system, eradicating all of the remote controls into a list of tasks in an app. You can also add to this lighting, temperature, security, gate and door operations, and other functions. Audio Visual and Home Entertainment systems are our speciality but we are just as happy to build in other control systems as well.


MOOD OR CONTROL LIGHTING (Intelligent Lighting)

The perfect complement to an awesome Movie and Music system is Control Lighting also known as Mood Lighting. An intelligent lighting system can control all types of lights, incandescent, low voltage and fluorescent, even the ever popular LED solutions. It’s easy to use and controlled via the same app which takes care of your Audio and video from your tablet or in-wall touch panel. It’s so easy all you have to do is play the film and the lights will dim automatically! Find out more here


Very popular and easy to use, a multi-room music and radio solution in your home will let you listen where ever you have speakers, inside and out. If thoughtfully installed you won’t see any cables. Plus you and your family can all be listening to different sources at the same time such as your own music collection, internet radio, or streamed internet music services like Spotify, Napster or Deezer. Discover more here



This can all be a bit confusing as the technology evolves. We can demystify and advise what is right for you. For example, Sky Q will give you recorded programmes and films distributed to a multitude of devices throughout the home. But you will need our help if you wish to unlock alternative ways of distributing Sky across all of your TV’s. We have access to products that can link multiple sources together with multiple televisions. For an in depth explanation visit here



Multi-room TV distribution systems are complicated and even a simple solution can be difficult to implement. Always think ahead before installing a system because it promises the best results with the minimum disruption. The perfect time to talk to us about a multi-room system is when you are renovating. If need be, we can work with your architects, building contractors, M&E Engineers and electricians to ensure that a system is integrated smoothly and as discreetly as possible.



There is a multitude of wired and wireless speaker systems, some more suited for the tasks than others. They are generally convenient and relatively easy to set up for a multi-room or a surround sound system to accompany your TV. But your individual needs and the constraints of your home may mean that there are other options worth considering. That’s why we offer our no obligation free home visit so that we can best assess your requirements. For further details call 01494 853450 or contact us using our contact form here.

Wireless and WiFi - are the same thing! Wifi has changed how we enjoy our in home entertainment as well as making complex systems more flexible and easier to assimilate into homes.

Wifi offers a number of key opportunities. If done properly you can have music anywhere in the home with little fuss and without the need for chasing walls to conceal cables. At the heart of any Wifi solution is your broadband router which unfortunately is not always up to the task. We would recommend replacing the router before proceeding with your install. You could install your next Home Entertainment system yourself but you will get better reliability and performance if you trust the setup to the professionals. Learn more here



Our installation experts will not only advise on which solution is right for you but help you choose the best system for accessing your music and movies. The quality is improving all the time to meet customers’ demands for Hi-Resolution music and Ultra High Definition movies. NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives are a convenient way to store your existing music and movies once they have been digitally converted and transferred. Streaming content is a fast evolving but affordable technology providing access to a vast array of tracks, artists and films. Find out more here

We are happy to help you choose which system is best for you.



Wireless is great but for the ultimate in quality and reliability, you can’t beat a cabled solution. So what if it becomes necessary to chase a few walls to hide them if it means you experience faultless internet connectivity 365 days of the year. However, a wired system presents its own unique set of challenges, it can be costly to install but if you want quality and reliability, then going wired is the only sensible option. With our highly qualified team of trusted professionals you can be assured when we finished we will have created the best solution for you.

Ultra-HD, 4K or HDR Televisions - You can enjoy movies and TV catch-up on a highly affordable large screen TV's with superb picture quality and reasonable sound.

The improvements in television technology in recent years means you can get large screen TVs with great new features and awesome picture quality at very affordable prices.

You can now purchase incredibly thin, large, attractive screens to secure on our walls that include contrast rich, wide viewing angle OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology making for compelling viewing. Also, there’s high dynamic range (HDR) technology producing unprecedented colour saturations that are more dynamic, vibrant and natural than anything seen before.

The huge surge in 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolutions, which offer four times the resolution of older HD TVs, as well as vast improvements in smart television interfaces means that the TV you bought a few years ago has already been replaced by something bigger, brighter, more affordable offering better value than ever before. Discover how to get more from your TV Screen look here



With today’s super crisp high-resolution picture, there’s no need to sit far away from a screen. The only constraint to screen size is how much space you have on your wall. Additionally, thanks to thinner frames you can get a bigger screen into less space. A slightly ageing 42inch television takes up about the same amount of wall space as a thinner, more attractive, new 50inch TV. And if you like your movies in your face you only need a viewing distance of a couple of metres to get the full HD impact of a 50inch screen.



With advances in technology, TVs are of such a high standard that it is difficult to find one which would disappoint. However, it’s always a good idea to visit your local Television retail outlet to see for yourself the picture quality and styles. You may prefer the curved Ultra High Definition Samsung range, or the incredible colour of the LG OLEDs, while Sony and Panasonic each have their own equally impressive characteristics.

Integrated Home Cinema - Watching epic stories in a darkened room on a huge screen is for some the only way to experience movies but going to the cinema can sometimes not be such a great night out.

There is no guarantee you’ll get a seat and you can’t pause the film if you need to take an impromptu bathroom break. So bring the magic of cinema, the flicker and the immersive sound, into the comfort of your own home. Many of us dream of a dedicated home cinema and to get started you won’t need much more than space. A loft, basement, spare room or garage, they can all be adapted. With fantastic, revealing HD ATMOS cinema surround sound, High Definition Projector and screen, nicely styled seating and subtle lighting, you won’t find a reason to ever go to your local cinema ever again.

You can style your Cinema space however you want with framed movie posters, popcorn maker and bar fridge to complete the experience! With your imagination and our help, you can create the integrated Home Cinema of your dreams. Find out more here



There is no need to have the brains of your Home Cinema system taking up valuable space in the same room as your Projector and Screen. Home Cinema control solutions are sophisticated and feature rich so can be tucked away out of sight in a well-ventilated cupboard, basement, plant room, rack under the stairs or if you prefer an attractive built for purpose piece of furniture. This means everything can be controlled from your Smartphone or tablet.



Whether you decide to go for a family-friendly TV on the living room wall or a sophisticated dedicated cinema room, there are a wealth of speaker combinations that we can install. One of our most popular options is invisible speakers plastered into the walls or ceiling which are incredibly effective. Discover all the possibilities here



The new Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound formats add overhead sound effects to your home theatre. Both deliver surround sound with far greater realism than previous formats but the setup is complex employing an array of up to 11 speakers. This is one very good reason why it’s always worth getting the job done professionally.

What we do - Confused about what home entertainment system you want? Our experts know everything there is to know about home installation, just tell us what you like to watch and hear and we can take it from there.

There is no need to get tied up in the technology for a Smart Home installation system. It’s all about delivering a solution that is easy-to-use for you and your family that will give you years of convenience and enjoyment. We have worked on plenty of Smart Home Control projects with budgets from a few thousand pounds to lots of thousands of pounds. So we are confident we can help you and nothing will surprise us!

Listed below is a brief outline of what is achievable and will give you something to think about. There is plenty to consider such as the level of equipment you choose and the state of your home. Whether we are starting from scratch or whether you are already refurbishing your property or even if it is a completely new build.



Whatever your budget, we can design and install a system that will suit your needs and keep you and the family entertained for years to come. With our expertise, we can give you a good idea of a cost after asking just a few simple questions about your property. Here are some examples of popular installations that we carry out on a regular basis.


Flat or Curved, Ultra HD Television hung on the wall with concealed cables and a Sound Bar.


A similar set up but with a fuller sound and larger screen. Speakers fitted in the ceiling means no visible cables and the heart of the system is concealed in an attractive cabinet beneath the TV. With our team of professionals, your room gets put back together just as it was before except now with a knock out Audio/Video system to excite the family.


Dedicated Home Cinema room with projector, large screen, top of the range AV Dolby Atmos receiver and an array of up to 11 speakers and lighting control for that extra special movie going experience.


Superb quality, combined wired and wireless multi-room system with music in every room, full on Ultra HDTV large screen in the living room, supplementary screen in the bedroom, concealed ceiling speakers in the living room and kitchen plus complete lighting control throughout.



The Smart Home design team is used to working with commercial partners just as much as homeowners. We are always happy to talk to architects, interior designers, developers and electricians at an early stage of a proposed building project. This means that our expertise can be called on before the construction or renovation work begins so that any requirements for an installation can be incorporated into the plans.

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